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Partnership with Connecting Cultures

Connecting cultures is an international art exhibition promoted by UNSA SPAIN (United Nations Student Association Spain) recently awarded the “Here for Good Award” from Laureate International. Their aim is to raise funds for refugees and enhance awareness about the topic of the immigration in the EU under the umbrella of the Goal 17  “Partnerships for the Goals”.

Each piece of Art reflects the spirit of the exhibition, which is to show that there are no borders between humans beyond self-imposed as all cultures´ essential needs to shake hands, cooperate and "connect", offering the best of themselves to the world.

The funds raised by the exhibitions are heading to certified organisation CEAR to directly help refugees. Individuals, groups and businesses can contribute to this work by:

- purchase of paintings or reproductions

- purchase of GAMINE design product based on Connecting culture paintings

- direct donations

NOVOTEL Paris meets GAMINE design

November, 2017

This is what we did in Paris back in November 2017!

Gamine design have had a great opportunity to take part in a re-designing contest organised by Novotel Paris Est to honour the fiftieth anniversary of AccorHotels Group. This project was completed with a very limited budged during even more limited time period. The redecorated room 276 is now available for booking. Make sure to check it out if you are planning a trip to Paris! For the two creators, Martina & Misha, this was an excellent experience and a lot of fun. We would like to extend our thanks to the technical support of the hotel. Also, we would like to express our appreciation for all the hard work of the ladies from the sheltered workshop Charita Opava, Sociálně terapeutická dílna Radost. Further credit goes to Vaclav, who handcrafted the fantastic luminous wall, and to the woman of many talents, Emma Smetana, for sharing her song “Waiting” with us.



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Kids workshops

No age limit to be an artist

Gamine design organize workshops for kids with art history base to learn different painting techniques.
We choose from their creations images and motives and add them to GAMINE design kids collections. So kids are creating for kids.
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